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Consulting Services

Are you a DIY couple? 

Planning a wedding and don't know where to start?

Don't know what questions you should be asking? 

Unsure of what should be in a vendors contract to make sure its in your best interest? 

Stressed about the day of timeline?

Just because your a DIY couple doesn't mean you shouldn’t have the wedding planning help you deserve. Getting married is one of the happiest times of you life - people dream of their wedding day all their life. But then reality sets in and they realize planning a wedding is way more stressful than thought. But it doesn't have to be - I want wedding planning to be just as great as the wedding. That's why, i'm offer these consulting services! 

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PPL ( Personal Planning Lounge)

$9.99/mo (CAD)

Let me set you up with professional planning tools. These tools are used by professional planners all over and if you're lucky enough to be their client - you're getting access to these. If you're not ... You're missing out. 

For less then a Netflix subscription, I'll set you up in your personal planning lounge where you'll have access to the following tools. The lounge is also great because I can add whoever you want to the lounge and you can assign tasks and duties for people (fiancé, parents, MOH, BM, BM, GM etc)

Checklist - A huge checklist of everything that needs to be done when planning a wedding. And when that task is complete, you simply check it off your list. Here you can assign tasks to individuals in your wedding party or to whoever, to make sure everyone is on the same page. 

Design Studio - Here you can create boards and design your wedding of your dreams. Add inspiration for ceremony decor, cakes, bouquets and more. You can add people to each board and you can comment in real time to discuss specifics. 

Budget - Here you can break down your budget and keep track of your spending. No more papers clutter - just all at the click of a button.

Calendar - Keep track of appointments all in one place. No more trying to remember who, what, when. 

Guests & Seating - Using the ready made tables, chairs, bar and more you can create your ceremony and reception place and see what your room layout will be. Add guests and create your seating plan.

RVSP - Keep track of all your guests and their responses and any extra notes like their dinner option and more. 

Notes - Yes, a section just for notes. All in one place. Just name, make the note and sleep knowing it will be there when you go back. 

Timeline - Use the tools to create a perfect wedding day timeline. 


Wedding website - Create a wedding website for your guests to check out and learn more about your wedding. 

Relationship Goals
1:1 Consulting
Need help with only a few things? I offer an hourly service answering questions, creating wedding day timelines, reading contracts or just an hour picking my brain.

Starting at $50.00(CAD)

Offered via Email, Phone or Zoom
Bride and Groom with Sparklers
DIY Planning
  • Access to your own personal planning lounge
  • Help from a certified wedding planner when you need it.
  • 3 lists of vendor questions to ask the vendors of your choice
  • Assistance creating your wedding day schedule to ensure the smoothest flow.
  • Save money and stress - Let me read your vendor contracts to make sure they're in your best interest.

Over 12 months away $800 (CAD)
6-12 months away $500 (CAD)
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