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Planning Your Wedding Just
Got Easier!

Confidently plan your wedding like a professional! 

Loving Couple

Planning a wedding?

Are you hesitant to kickoff planning because you don't know where to start?

What if I told you exactly where to begin.

Scared to book vendors because you're not sure what to ask them?

What if I told you exactly what to ask to make sure they're a good fit

Uncertain about booking a venue?

What if I helped you save time and narrowed down the search.

 ​Unclear on the "style" or type of wedding you want?

What if I showed you multiple styles, themes and types of weddings to help guide your decision. 

Don't want to have that "cookie cutter" wedding?

What If I gave you out of the box ideas to have the wedding you really want.


Heard horror stories of couples not getting what they asked for? Or photographers taking too long to get photos back? 

What if I showed you what should be in every contract to avoid disappointment and disagreements.

Who Am I?


For over a decade, I've had the privilege assisting over 100 couples, from around the globe, with their weddings. Some of my clientele include, top chefs, NHL players, radio personalities, models, lawyers and doctors. 


I specialize in helping DIY couples navigate their way through wedding planning - From start to finish, decorating and everything in between. I truly enjoy coaching couples and helping in the planning process.


Since starting in the wedding industry in 2010, I've been published in numerous wedding magazines and online sites. I've been nominated for best wedding planner in my city on multiple occasions. And i've had the pleasure of been interviewed by many wanting to enter the wedding industry. 


​When i'm not in full wedding bliss, i'm spending time with my husband and two children. Loving on my big Bernese Mountain dog, Sherlock. And either snuggled up watching something on t.v or at the beach reading a Stephen King book! 

~ Melissa Sinclair xx

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