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In this educational breakthrough - We're going to disuss where wedding planning should always begin. Some people think it's picking a date, while others think it's finding a venue. Well...neither is correct. Planning needs to start with a foundation. And that foundation is; Budget, Style and Guest list. 


In the workbook you'll gain the knowledge and tools to know where to begin planning a wedding. I'll walk you through the steps of figuring out your guest list. I'll share with you a slide show of real weddings while discuss different styles and how to acheive them. And we'll also chat about budget and how that can influence everything! 


In this workbook you'll also receive top of the line, wedding planning tools to help you in the planning process. These tools you can't get anywhere else, unless working with a planner or paying big bucks to access them. 


Workbook 1; Getting Started, gives you first hand knowledge, tips, tricks, budget saving ideas and much more, that you can only gain from a wedding planner. Save money, and plan your wedding like a professional with your very own breakthrough. 


  • You'll receive a digital workbook filled with everything you need to know to start planning a wedding.
  • You'll get a top of line budget planning tool
  • A priority worksheet wedding planners use with their high paying clients
  •  And a 30 minute slide show on varying wedding styles and how you can acheive those looks. 







Getting Started

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