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Crash course Wedding

If you're just starting out and plan to do the whole DIY thing, this class could just save you hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars - And definitely some stress and time. 

Zoom, skype  or sit down with me in person as I show you how to plan your wedding like a pro. I'll teach you how to budget and plan a wedding that's unique to you using tools and knowledge i've gained over the years.  I'll go over types of flowers, cakes, decor and even style. I'll explain all the important questions you should be asking vendors and how to look over a contract. When you ask the right questions, it reduces the surprises later on and can help save money. Finally, we'll go over how to knock out the perfect wedding day timeline.  

You can take all the tips, knowledge and advice and leave knowing you can plan your own wedding like a pro. 

Class is 2-3 hours. Which can be broken down into two sessions. 



Join my facebook group and receive tips, tricks and advice for wedding planning.  Click here to join our group! 


Bride and Groom at the Dining Table

Wedding Day Timeline

"Do you have everything planned for your wedding? All your vendors booked? That's great! However, have you thought about your wedding day itinerary? It's important to schedule enough time for things like; hair and makeup, pictures and even speeches. I often receive requests from couples for help in scheduling their wedding day to ensure it flows smoothly. A well-planned itinerary can be shared with all vendors and can be useful for your emcee to refer to during the events of the night." $75.00


Okanagan Services

If you're getting married in the beautiful Okanagan, I'd love to assist you on your wedding day! 

I use to plan 22-23 weddings a year and LOVED every moment. However due to my busy consulting services, I've decided scale back on the local services I offer and how many weddings I take on in a year. I want to be able to focus 100% on you and your wedding. Due to this, spots are limited. 

If you'd like to see what type of local services I offer for your Kelowna based wedding, please click here. 

Donut worry, this bride and groom thought of everything, including gluten free dessert opt
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