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In this educational breakthrough - We're going to get your creative juices flowing and discuss the vision you have for your big day! Maybe you don't have a vision? That's okay too, because this lesson will make you think and hopefully inspire you to start thinking. 


In the workbook you'll gain the knowledge through three sperate slide shows, totaling approximately thirty minutes in length. I'll show you different ways to have a wedding, touching breifly on how you can acheive these. We'll also go over finding a venue, the questions you should be asking and when the time comes, a list of things that should be stated in the venue contract. 



Workbook 2; Vision & Venue, gives you first hand knowledge, tips, inspiration and ideas, you can only gain from a wedding planner. Save money, and plan your wedding like a professional with your very own breakthrough. 


  • You'll receive a digital workbook filled with everything you need to know about creating a wedding vision.
  • You'll get lists of questions to be asking yourself and the venues you look at. 
  • You'll also recieve a list of items that you should make sure are in your venue contract. 
  •  This lesson is made up of 3 slide shows, totaling approximately 30 minutes of wedding planning knowledge. 






Workbook 2 - Vision and Venue

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